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6 Furnace Noises You Should Never Ignore

When it comes to your furnace, any unexpected noise is probably one you don’t want to hear. However, it’s important to know the difference between a furnace’s usual hums and clicks and rumbles, and the sorts of sounds that indicate a problem. Not to worry, because our experts at B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing are here to give you the long and short on which noises you should not be ignoring.

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Don’t Ignore These 6 Furnace Noises:

  1. Banging – Banging sounds from your furnace can be caused by a few different culprits, none of them good. If the banging is accompanied by a delay from your furnace after you turn up the heat, your furnace burners may be dirty. The dirt stops the gas in your furnace from igniting, and the resulting gas build-up causes a loud bang when it finally ignites. These built-up gas explosions can result in expensive repairs! If the bangs are happening away from the furnace, in your ducts, that can mean they are expanding as the furnace turns on. This can happen for a few reasons, including undersized or flimsy ductwork, closed heat vents, dirty air filters, and so on!
  2. Squealing – If you’re hearing a constant, high-pitched squeal from inside your furnace, odds are good that your culprit is a loose, worn out, or faulty belt. It’s also possible, however, that you’re hearing a fan motor that is failing. Either one is a job for your local HVAC technician.
  3. Grinding – A grinding or scraping noise typically indicates a problem with your furnace’s blower wheel, and should be addressed as soon as possible. A loose, displaced, or broken blower wheel will only worsen and cause more problems if left unattended, so turn off your furnace and call for a repair ASAP!
  4. Whining – There are a few common culprits behind whining noises in your furnace. Luckily, none of them are dire, but it is important to address the problem—for the sake of stopping the awful noise if nothing else! A loose, frayed, or off-center blower belt can cause a whining noise inside your furnace, as can shaft bearings in need of more lubrication. The last possibility is a blower motor in need of repairs or replacement.
  5. Rattling – If your furnace starts making a rattling noise—and doesn’t stop making it after a while—then you’re looking at once of two possibilities. The first is that something is come loose: a screw, the cover panel, etcetera. This is easily fixed. The second is that something in your furnace has worn down or broken (this is bad). The most dangerous possibility is that there’s a leak in your heat exchanger—which can lead to carbon monoxide leaking into your home. If you’re not certain about the origin of your furnace rattling, cut the furnace OFF and call a professional right away
  6. Clicking – Now, some clicking is normal for a furnace. If your furnace clicks for a while whenever it turns on or off, then there’s probably nothing to worry about. When the clicking is persistent, and doesn’t turn off after a minute or two, then you can start to worry. Prolonged clicking can mean there is a problem with your ignition, gas, wiring, relay, or electrical controls. In short, it’s probably a problem for a professional.

As we stated before, any unusual noise coming from your furnace deserves investigation—why risk your safety and the integrity of your HVAC system when you could prevent it? If you’re hearing any of the above six sounds, or maybe a sound you don’t recognize (and don’t like!), be sure to contact an expert immediately!

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