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Why Is My Evaporative Cooler Leaking?

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Having trouble with an evaporative cooling system that is leaking all over the place? If you need HVAC repair services, B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing can help! Our HVAC contractors will take care of your leaking air conditioner or other cooling system quickly, so you can get back to enjoying warm weather—from indoors!

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What Causes Evaporative Cooling System Leaks?

The big problem with an evaporative cooler is actually the exact thing that makes it work so well: the water. Unlike electric central systems, an evaporative cooler purposely makes use of large amounts of moisture in order to cool the air in your home and produce that refreshing wave of breezy air. If the system is not working properly, this moisture could become a serious problem.

The following are examples of what causes evaporative coolers to leak:

  • Normal reservoir bleed. If you’re new to evaporative cooling systems, you might not be aware that some models bleed off a small measure of water as a normal part of their function. This happens to ensure the reservoir water remains fresh and not stagnant, and it’s normal—though we will note that the water drips should be irregular, and in very small amounts.
  • Damaged or worn water feed line. The water feed is responsible for delivering water to the system, and as such it contains water. If the line’s gaskets wear out or the feed line itself is damaged, it will result in a steady leak. We recommend copper water lines, as plastic lines tend to become brittle and are more prone to leaking.
  • Rusted metal cabinets. Many evaporative coolers are constructed from metal, and over time tend to rust. When the rust becomes excessive, the cabinet will leak water. If your cooler is leaking water due to a rusted cabinet, it’s time to replace your cooler!
  • Float malfunctioning. We mentioned that normal amount of water bleed before, but that system can malfunction, too. If the float isn’t working properly, or the drain system isn’t in proper condition, your reservoir can overfill and begin to spill water.

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Can I Prevent Evaporative Cooler Leaking?

Sometimes problems just happen, but yes there are actually a few ways to prevent a problem! To improve the function of your system, try these:

  • Have it inspected regularly. Just like any other major cooling system, evaporative coolers need to be routinely inspected and maintained in order to keep working at their best.
  • Change the cooling pads as needed. Be sure to change your pads frequently enough. How often this is will depend on your model and the type of pad it uses.
  • Consider water treatment. Scale and hard water can cause continuous trouble from a home evaporative cooling system. Water conditioning filters attached to your water line can help or softening systems can reduce these risks and prolong the life of your pads and cooler.

Evaporative Cooling Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Having issues with a leaky evaporative cooling system or need a professional’s expertise in order to resolve another cooling issue? Call on the trained and licensed professionals at B. Carlson! Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we serve the areas around Bernalillo, Corrales, Los Lunas, North Valley, Placitas, Rio Rancho, Sandia Heights, and Tanoan.

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