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How to Find Your Water Shut-Off Valve

Plumbing problems can evolve into plumbing emergencies in the blink of an eye. What was a small leak can become a fountain, or a previously unseen crack can start turning your bathroom into an indoor pool. In these situations, it’s essential to know where your shut-off is and how to operate it.

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What Is a Water Main Shut-Off?

As the name implies, your shut-off valve can be solely responsible for completely pinching off access to the main water line that delivers fresh water to your home. You could think of operating the valve as putting a heavy-duty clamp on your water supply, and it’s the best way to cut off water in a plumbing emergency.

In addition to the main, there are also smaller, localized shut-offs for most fixtures, such as toilets and sinks. These will typically be found in the cabinetry where the plumbing assembly comes together, and the valve is usually a simple turn-key style valve that is relatively simple to operate (always clockwise).

Where Is Your Shut-Off Valve?

Wondering “Where is my water valve located?” It’s actually pretty easy to spot! However, the exact water valve location can vary by home. Generally, these shut-off valves are attached to the water meter. So, if you know where that is, you’re likely in good shape to find the shut-off valve quickly.

If you’re not sure, here are the likely locations:

  • The exterior perimeter of your home: Many New Mexico homes will have the meter and shut-off located on the perimeter of your home, most typically in the back, against the wall, and at ground level.
  • The basement or crawl space: Usually, valves in these locations will be on the entrance wall, though the location may vary. In rare cases, a water main might be in a garage or auxiliary building.
  • Underground: This will probably be found at the front of your property and can be easily identified by a round or square metal plate. Usually, this plate has “water” printed on it.

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How Do I Shut Off the Valve?

The method of shutting off this valve will depend on the type of valve you have. Before you get going, make sure you’re using your water shut-off. The city or water company has one, too. Theirs will be located city-side (the side of the meter farther away from the home), and yours is the one closer to the home.

  • If your shut-off is a ball-type valve, shut off your main water by flipping a switch. Simply turn the little lever there until it is perpendicular (90˚ angle), and you’re set!

  • If the shut-off is a gate-type (with a little round wheel), you may need a wrench for older or stuck valves. It’s wise to locate your main as soon as you move into a home, and if you think you’ll need a wrench in an emergency, store one nearby.

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