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Room Humidifier vs Whole-House Humidifiers

While there’s something to be said about not having to endure the swampy summer air that our eastern neighbors deal with, there is most certainly such a thing as too dry—and here in Albuquerque, we’re the perfect example!

The humidity regularly dips below 30%, and frequently less than that. And then once your AC or heating system is done, you’re looking at even less moisture! This results in dry, cracked skin, stuffy noses, dusty home air, and a whole host of other issues. Of course, we know you know this. And we know that you know that you need a solution.

Been thinking about grabbing a portable humidifier, or considering a whole-home humidifier? Before you reach for one or the other, read on to find out the benefits of each, and which one can benefit you best!

The Virtues of a Portable Humidifier

There’s always the main draw of a portable unit: portability. In addition, they’re pretty convenient to pick up, since they don’t require any installation and can be purchased in all sorts of standard stores. And they will humidify fairly well in the context of a single large room, or potentially two smaller ones. These are good perks, and much better than dealing with dry air! That said, portable units have some considerable limitations and downsides.

The Downsides of Portable Humidifiers

The biggest negative outside of cost (we’ll get to that) is going to be the amount of maintenance portable units require. Because they’re small and somewhat simplistic, they use a pretty rudimentary filtration system that has to be cleaned and thoroughly sanitized to avoid mold and bacteria growth. Very frequently. Such as every few days, or even hours depending on the model. Additionally, they must be refilled manually, which is also a task that needs to be handled nearly as frequently.

And then there’s the cost. Looking at the cost as apples to apples, portable units seem cheaper. However, the average lifespan of a portable unit is only three or so years, which is many times less than a whole-home system. That means if you’re looking to buy a quality item that actually does what it says you’ll need to buy it a few times, and that’s assuming you are only purchasing one.

How Whole-Home Humidifiers Win

Boasting a one and done installation, a considerable lifespan, simpler maintenance, and a more energy-efficient operation, you probably already know where our vote goes. But we’re just getting started! A whole-home humidifier typically wins out by offering a stress-free means of keeping your home at the ideal humidity range for the human body (35%). What’s more, it does this with a simple setting, and since it directly integrates with your HVAC system and ducts, the effect is exceptionally even, avoiding the “wet spots” common to portable units.

In short, a whole-home humidifier:

  • Is a more effective solution
  • Is a more cost-efficient investment
  • Offers more even humidity control
  • Requires less maintenance and refilling

The Final Word on Home Humidifiers in New Mexico

Keep in mind that we’re not at all trying to discredit portable units. They have their place! Portable units are awesome for on the go solutions, or to add much-needed moisture to an outbuilding or home addition. They’re just not as effective for keeping your home cozy. You might think of it the same way you do an air conditioner. A portable one is okay and can be useful, but a window unit or portable AC is no substitute for a central cooling system!

Interested in learning more about whole-home humidifiers in Albuquerque, NM? Contact B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing!

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